Master Planning

Based on a thorough research and analysis on the local culture and brand culture, MIH formulates a Master Plan that conforms to the project’s strategic vision and conditions. The MIH team helps to define, refine and enrich the artistic and cultural value that the project aims to express, of which will act as the guidance for subsequent strategy planning.

Public Art Strategy

MIH collaborates with partners to formulate a thematic strategy for urban public space. By seeking and entrusting artists to create artworks that conform to the theme and strategy, we ensure that the artworks respect the local history and cultural background, and add cultural and artistic value to the urban space.

Artist Procurement

MIH  curatorial team will develop and manage Expression of Interest initiatives, curate a short-list of suitable artists, and select and creatively brief an artist who best aligns with the project's curatorial vision and artwork opportunities within the space.

Temporary Events

MIH incubates creative and topical art experience activities for the project with artic and cultural value output at the core. Innovative and vivid art activities are held regularly to continuously create vitality for the project, so as to achieve sustainable market

Marketing Solutions

MIH marketing team explores marketing angles of the project, and formulates periodic marketing solutions, including media events, media and PR initiatives, so as to maximize the long-term influence of the project.