Creative Director

Chris Shao graduated in 2014 from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris Business School, earning his undergraduate dual-degree in International Business and Marketing. In 2015, Chris was accepted to the New York School of Interior Design (ranked #1 on U.S. News Graduate School) and began his career in design.

In 2018, still a graduate student, Chris won a bid to design the interiors of 111 Varick Street in New York. This project was a first of its kind, making Chris the first interior designer from China to envision a luxury residential project in SoHo, New York. In the same year, he founded his own interior design studio - Chris Shao Studio. Just in two years in 2020, with the help of his team in New York, he found a second location for his studio --- Shanghai, China. He also founded Objective Gallery, China’s very first contemporary collectible design gallery.

"I am not only an interior designer, but also a storyteller." Chris’journey as a designer had begun in New York, and in time, it has already made its way back to his roots, China.

In 2021, Chris and the MIH Team reached partnership with Design Miami/ and became the China host to the world-renowned design fair. The three-day fair in Shanghai was Asia’s First Collectible Design Exhibition in history.  Thus far, Chris has built a team of more than40 designers and consultants, all who dream to actualize their visions indesign, art, and real estate development.


Design Director

Bryce Cai has more than ten years of experience in the field of architecture, interior design and product design, new material research and real estate development consulting. He was the senior designer at Woods Bagot Architects and served as the firm’s only art consultant in Asia Pacific. He also served as Jiangsu Grand Theatre’s general consultant of Public Art, reconstruction design consultant for Shanghai Yuyuan Garden, and Shanxi Wanda’s Chief Commercial Design consultant.

In 2018, Bryce initiated multiple collaboration projects with design and lifestyle brands, including co-designing artisan rugs with Glam and releasing the products at Design Shanghai.His “Backstage Tapestry Series”(2020) was also exhibited at Design Shanghai, which received the Design Shanghai Picks Award of the Year. In the same year, Objective Gallery debuted Bryce’s original collective design: Fan table and Trumpet chair. His Backstage and Trumpet chair won the French GPDP Design Award for 2 international innovative designs Award and was invited to be showcased at ART021. In the same year, he received multiple major awards and media coverage, including VOUGE, ELLEDECO and Architectural Digest.

In 2021, once again joining hands with Objective Gallery and furniture brand, Kar, Bryce designed an aromatherapy bottle that debuted at the Anaya Fashion Week in September.He also worked cross-field with fashion designer Chen Peng, creating statement pieces such as Petal and Backstage blush --- both were shown at Shenzhen DNA, the city’s first Art and Design Fair. In November, Trumpet Chair #2 was exhibited at Asia’s First collectible design fair, Design Miami/ podium x Shanghai.


Strategy Director

Gu Zhining (Jill Gu) graduated from the world's top School of Hotel Management in Lausanne, Switzerland (Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne). Her rich work experiences range from international hotelier, consulting group and commercial real estate development. She worked at HVS, hotel consultancy in Singapore and conducted in-depth research on luxury hotel brands and management. Her clients include CapitaLand, Frasers Properties and a number of independent luxury hotel brands. Jill conducted market research, brand positioning, feasibility study and brand strategic planning for Datai Langkawi (CapitaLand) and Ritz-Carlton and Lyt hotel brand Malaysia, and CapitaLand’s many Ascott properties in Singapore.

As the co-founder of Made in House (MIH) Jill has led her team in spearheading several commercial real estate projects, including tailoring commercial planning, brand positioning and public art curation for Vanke Real Estate’s headquarter development in Shenzhen Super Bay, serving Bailian Group and Suhewan in positioning and providing content strategy for the historical Brunner Bank building and Xintai Warehouse respectively. With team members specializing in art consultancy, MIH has hosted art exhibitions and planned rotating public art projects for Qiaochengfang, as well as curating art collection for Lifu and Shuion Land’s Shanghai residential projects.

As the International Collectible Design Fair Design Miami’s host in China, Jill and team curated the rotating public art project at Waitanyuan, created opportunities for luxury brands to collaborate with artists in showcasing designs - all receiving raving responses from the participating brands as well as the public. It is Jill’s hope to bring more exciting, high-quality art and design to the realm of real estate and public projects in China, further contributing to the active cultural exchanges between China and the world.


Curatorial Director

Ansha Jin is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and Central Saint Martins, majoring in Fiber Installation Art and Material Futures. In the two years after graduation in London, her experiences at Manolo Blahnik and Sinclair & Partners ranged from PR, fashion, art luxury management to marketing consulting industries.

In a four-year period while Ansha was based in the UK and US, she traveled to more than 50 countries and absorbed local culture, art, architecture and design. Through her extensive journey across the globe, she has cultivated a worldliness and unique artistic sensibility, and a wealth of network with international artists and designers.  After returning to China in 2018, Ansha served as an art consultant at a public art institution and curated real estate public art projects for Shenzhen Merchants Shekou, Prince Plaza, Shuangxidi and so on. She is also a founder of an independent lifestyle brand.

In June 2020, she officially joined Objective Gallery as its Curatorial Director.Since joining, Ansha has been in charge of both gallery spaces for Objective Gallery, along with a total of 12 themed exhibitions, including artist and designer Brecht Wright Gander, EWE Studio and Misha Khan’s first solo exhibitions in China. She also led Objective Gallery’s participation in 8 influential domestic and international art fairs such as Design Miami/ Shanghai, Art Basel, and ArtO21, etc. In addition to having superb curatorial and execution abilities, Ansha’s excellent taste and sensibility in fashion and art, along with her skill in professional 3D design are all reasons to Objective Gallery’s successful takeoff and continuing momentum. She is deeply engaged in Chris Shao Studio’s product design and interior design projects. In initiating cross-field collaborations and presenting art and design to the public, Ansha’s work enlightens empty spaces with objects, and fuses innovation and unique experiences.

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