Design Miami/

Design Miami/ is not only the global forum for design but also thenexus of design culture. Held each year in Miami Beach, USA, Basel.Switzerland, and Shanghai, China, featuring carefully selected worksfrom world-renowned galleries, studios, brands, collectors, anddesigners, the event draws in design lovers from around the globe. Every year, more than 30 top design galleries exhibit at the fair, and more 500 media covers the event. The site features more than 2,000 works of art and design from more than 100 leading international galleries and designer studios around the world.

Design Miami/
is the leading global forum for design

Design Miami/ is more than a marketplace for design. From presenting museum-quality exhibitions artists and designers as well as curating a myriad of programs, Design Miami/ offers a platform for the world to become more aware and appreciative for collectible art and design.

Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai 2021

As the designated partner of Design Miami/ China, MIH launched Design Miami/ ’s first collectable design event in Asia, Design Miami/ Podium X Shanghai, in November 2021. With art and design as its fulcrum, the exhibition leads and interprets the culture and lifestyle of “collectable design”. It integrates the unique cultural history of Shanghai and China, local design language and the power of collectors, creating an art festival with Asian influence.

Wu Gan, the theme of the exhibition, originates from the dynamic relationship between ‘WU’ (external world) and ‘XIN’ (inner world) in Chinese ancient aesthetic theory. Through this theme, Design Miami/ try to convey to the audiences and collectors what the value of "collectible design" lies on. It is more than a functional object presented in daily life but serves as an illuminator of art. It is the sensory, emotional, and spiritual experience that people could gain through interaction with the objects and environments in the outer world. It is the delicate sensitivity to beauty and pleasure that matters when people could see an object by touching and feeling its texture, material, image, and form. “Wu” thus could be an object, a landscape, or anything in the physical outer world. In the perspective of this exhibition, we also want to emphasize the significance of materiality, pleasure, and perceptibility when we look into art history.

No.1 Waitanyuan, Shanghai

No.1 Waitanyuan, Shanghai

Special Exhibit: Organ Timer

Yang Bao & Liu Wa

Enignum | Rinn Shelf

Joseph Walsh Studio

Exposure F

Yang Zhenzhong

Special Exhibit: Play

Huang Bo

Brand Partners

Louis Vuitton

Louis Xiii



Feng J

Tai ping

irthi contemporary crafts council

electro x

Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai 2023

The 2nd Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai, A Made in House Production, ended on March 12, 2023, at ZHANGYUAN, the landmark Shikumen Complex in Shanghai. The exhibition continues Design Miami's 17 years of focus and interpretation of "collectible design" and opens up a broader space for domestic and foreign design fields with diversified exhibition concepts. In this year's exhibition, eight well-known art galleries and studios at home and abroad and 24 Podium exhibitors presented a feast of art and design in the historical space of ZHANGYUAN. Nearly 200 exhibited works include the creations of international design masters, Chinese design talents, and cutting-edge designers.

"Transcendence" the exhibition's theme, originates from understanding the concept of " 象 " in Eastern and Western cultures and philosophies. At Design Miami/, the works of domestic and international designers are presented in the same space, and their inspirations collide, inspiring the reinterpretation of " 象 ," which transcends the boundaries of time and culture.

Brand Partners

Louis Vuitton objects Nomades


Tai ping

The Macallan


Electro X