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Design Miami/
A World-Class Exhibition for Collectible Design

Design Miami/ is more than a marketplace for design. From presenting museum-quality exhibitions artists and designers as well as curating a myriad of programs, Design Miami/ offers a platform for the world to become more aware and appreciative for collectible art and design.

Design Miami/ Podium x Shanghai 2021

No.1 Waitanyuan, Shanghai

No.1 Waitanyuan, Shanghai

Special Exhibit: Organ Timer

Yang Bao & Liu Wa

Enignum | Rinn Shelf

Joseph Walsh Studio

Exposure F

Yang Zhenzhong

Special Exhibit: Play

Huang Bo

As the designated partner of Design Miami/ China, MIH launched Design Miami/ ’s first collectable design event in Asia, Design Miami/ Podium X Shanghai, in November 2021. With art and design as its fulcrum, the exhibition leads and interprets the culture and lifestyle of “collectable design”. It integrates the unique cultural history of Shanghai and China, local design language and the power of collectors, creating an art festival with Asian influence.

Brand Partner

Louis Vuitton

Louis Xiii



Feng J

Tai ping

irthi contemporary crafts council

electro x