The Brunner

Former Brunner, Mond & Co. Building, completed in 1922. Designed by Stewardson & Spence. Reinforced concrete structure. Neo-classical style with Baroque style decoration. Thickset lines adopted. Compound portico designed for the front facade from 3rd to 5th floor. Walls decorated in quasi-big-stone.

"The building exists in the city in a lasting material way, and it also has eternal symbolic significance. The endurance of this building comes from the history and culture of the city, the energy and tolerance of existence and memory."


The Brunner is a combination of High-end office and art space, with core themes of urban lifestyle, elite communities, and artistic professional space.

Aim to promote the integration and dialogue between art and the city, turning the Brunner into a showcase of art and culture. Art injects inspiration into the professional workspace, while culture brings a touch of the local lifestyle

Merchants Leasing

Bluerider Art | Gallery

1st Floor

Grand Banks | Restaurant & Bar

1st Floor

Ya Space | Gallery

2nd Floor

Gallery Sohe | Gallery

3rd Floor

Ryodan by Seiya Nakamura | Creative Company

3rd Floor

Verse China | Creative Fragrance Company

4th Floor

Rimadesio | Creative Furniture Company

4th Floor

Objective Gallery | Gallery

5th Floor

Chris Shao Studio | Design Studio

5th Floor

Made in House | Creative Company

5th Floor

HOW Art Museum

6th-7th Floor

Media & Press

Dou Xiao & He Chaolian,ELLE, 2021

Yang Yang, Modern Weekly, 2021

Liu Wen, Prada, 2021