Xintai Warehouse

Xintai Warehouse, an early 20 Century British warehouse for the production and the stock of textiles is among the few testimonies of the industrial history of the city still standing in the area. It is owned by the real estate legend Pei Runsheng, the uncle of the legendary architect I.M. Pei. Spanned over three storeys of 6000 sqm, Xintai Warehouse is listed as a protected industrial heritage.

Historical warehouse | converted art commercial complex

Industry Analysis / Commercial Strategy
Creative Concept / Branding
Development and planning / Graphic Design
Event Planning


More Than a Label
Refuse to be labelled
Reset to be label-less
Explore beyond label


Xintai is Suhewan's creative inspiration,
introducing a new perspective of commercial, art, design, fashion, culture, and history.


Xintai Warehouse was founded with a vision to transcend the traditional commercial framework. With the testimony of history, Xintai Warehouse explores a new era through the power of crossover, integration, and innovation.

Xintai Warehouse aims to inspire Millennials and Gen-Z and to facilitate thought-provoking discussion on the topics of fashion, art, design, culture, and technology. When ideas collide, new inspiration will emerge and precipitate.

Xintai Warehouse aims to gather talents and reinvigorate Suhewan cultural scene by propelling creative ideas, content, and events. "More than a Label" can be interpreted
not only in light of commercial, art, or design, but also up against diversity and self-inquiry. Xintai Warehouse is continuously reflecting on history, but never bound by history.

Development & Planning

1st Floor

The Arcade, on the First Floor, creates an artistic, high-end, and vibrant atmosphere. In order to meet the purpose of consumption and encourage collaboration between merchants, there is no set boundary. Through continuous pop-ups and events, the Arcade will be the source of new creative content.

2nd Floor

Makerspace is a creative space guided by innovation and experiences, and it will closely follow the core concept of "More than a Label". Makerspace will interact with the design and art concepts introduced on the Arcade, highlighting the overall artistic atmosphere of the project.

3rd Floor

Higherground will be a platform for Xintai Warehouse, providing pop-up and event space for the brands, as well as exhibition space for artists and designers.

Event planning


Xintai Warehouse launches "FACTORY RESET" art exhibition, delivering the core idea of resetting and redefining – not limited by reality nor imagination.

At FACTORY RESET, new ideas and inspiration collide and transform into thought-provoking artwork. Xintai Warehouse seeks to gather like-minded people and to provide a platform where discussions about culture, art, design are propelled and crystalized.

Graphic Design

Design Concept Development

From the architectural features to the surrounding environment, from macro to micro, from micro to macro.

The 1+1+1 structural relationship is the core inspiration of Xintai Warehouse's Visual System design concept. We discover and extract such structural relationship in the architecture, and combine the architectural characteristics of Xintai Warehouse with the history of Suzhou Creek. The combination of history background and cultural meanings create a unique brand visual system design element of Xintai Warehouse.

The combination of the main visual structure and the brand name. Simply extracting the graphic structure is not enough to highlight the characteristics of Xintai Warehouse. The overall brand name, initials, spacing and architectural details are unified and integrated as the basic graphic logo.

Event planning

Resource Introduction

Louis Vuitton 2021 Exhibition 
Made in House introduced the 2021 Louis Vuitton Exhibiton for rare and exquisite leather items.