Grand Banks

A new Bund destination for elevated cocktails, sophisticated small-plates, and ever-changing art & design happenings. The new venue hospitality team behind Objective Gallery Private Kitchen, the exclusive crossover venue that allowed artists, designers, chefs and mixologists to co-create dining experiences that synergized with the ever-changing gallery exhibition and designed interiors/objects.

A Modern Vintage Bar in Reclaimed Historical Building

Branding / Development and planning
Event Planning / Graphic Design


Contemporary Craft
Sensory Curation


A contemporary urban retreat recapturing the glamour of Shanghai’s golden era; a place where young and daring creatives can gather for drinks, dining, or revelry.


Providing an intimate and sophisticated venue for the creative community to gather.

Development & Planning

1st Floor

Reaching across the room, a deep green bar attracts visitors to gather. The dining area conjures intimacy with plush booths along the walls for guests to dine, drink, or gossip. Engaging all the senses, visitors will feel grounded in the lounge ambiance – with toasted aromas wafting from the kitchen and lush tactile elements at every touch: woven fabric, chiseled marble, polished silver and carved wood.

2nd Floor

For regulars and private bookings, the second floor provides a ciger room, multiple lounge areas and semi - private dining - with bottle - service and reserve selections.

Graphic Design

Design Concept Development

The design of the font logo inherits the modern and elegant temperament of Grand Banks' original location in old Shanghai.
The auxiliary graphic extracts the decorative symbol from the historical banknote pattern and extends it as part of the font logo.
Compose, stack, rotate.
The change created a new visual form, just like the new appearance of Grand Banks.

Event planning

Crossover Collaborations

Drawing from multiple creative disciplines for crossover collaborations, the experience at Grand Banks will always be evolving with fresh details in culinary, mixology, wine, design, art and music.