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High-end residential projects


Collection for Heart


Collectible Place
Collectible Place is the carrier that contains, interprets, and inherits the essence of the era. Through some of the best creative minds, it depicts the spirit and aesthetics of our times. It is a place to live and to collect.

Product Design

Based on the portraits of high net worth clients, with 4 major concepts and 16 product values, achieve the brand spirit of "Collection for Heart", and build the "Collectible Place".

Collectible Design

Excavate the unique resource advantages and product design language of the product, and build the design value with unique artistic aesthetics.

Social Occasion

Establish social events gathering  like-minded collectors, to provide valuable social opportunity for clients.

Cultural Values

With artistic touch of the public space and series of art and cultural event planning, refine the cultural value of the project.

Collector's Service

With collection as the core value, create services, establishing collectors' space extending from the apartment to  the public area.